Foresight SI - Providing digital tools to help identify, support and amplify innovation

We have used Big Data and Machine learning to build a platform that helps you find and work with companies, understand their digital performance, their level of innovation readiness, environment and social governance (ESG), growth and export orientation.

Obviously how a company performs on all of these measures is important. So that is what we measure.

Our platform has four key applications:


Prospecting – Identify companies that match your requirements for a particular offer – find Innovative companies, export oriented businesses, companies that are concerned about the environment. Use the platform to find and qualify businesses at speed, based on geography, a specific industry or a combination of measures.

Our customers have benefitted by reducing the time spent identifying prospective clients and from a vastly improved engagement rate.


Evaluation – Building a business case for a new programme or evaluating an existing project using ForesightSI is far easier and quicker to execute than any other method or process.

Our platform provides quantitative data across all of our metrics, before, during and after implementation for all of the companies involved. The platform will access data on the companies you have worked with up to five years into the past, so you can perform a before and after comparison for projects already underway.

For the first time you can also create a sample of companies you have not worked with, collect quantitative data about their performance using the measures included and use that to provide a benchmark for comparison purposes.

Once again you can select the time period to be included in the study, the platform provides data concerning any changes that occur on a monthly basis and our data archive usually extends back five years at least. One client has already used this to examine the performance of clients before and after an engagement that ended years ago.


One-on-one Business Support – Using ForesightSI to help drive change with individual clients is straightforward. Using the platform to create a data overview for a particular client and say, their ten top competitors takes just a few minutes. Providing an interesting and informative way to open-up a conversation as our users have found.

Horizon scanning and performance monitoring – Consultancy projects frequently require rapid acquisition of key metrics for a given geography or business sector. Now we are not limited to financial data, you can include monitoring innovation, Digital Maturity and more, across a region, a network of businesses, or more.

We are aware of projects using our platform to monitor verticals such as Cybersecurity businesses across two different cities to better understand the make-up of the industry and how it is changing over time.

Horizon scanning and performance monitoring

“Innovation is viewed as an evolutionary, non-linear and interactive process requiring intensive communication and collaboration between different actors – firms, universities, local authorities, innovations centres, financial institutions, chambers of commerce and last but not least citizens”

Providing all of these actors with the tools to help them identify, support and amplify innovation requires sophisticated digital solutions that span a host of differing requirements.

We have developed a new toolset with which to meet these requirements – Foresight SI.

We partner with a range of clients, from investors, banks and consultancies to policy-makers and research institutions, to create reference data, research tools and market intelligence. Contact us today to begin charting your digital map to the twenty-first century economy.


Network Praxis is a commercial spinout from Etic Lab, an R&D company based in Newtown, Wales. Our staff have backgrounds in computer science, cybersecurity, organisational psychology and applied mathematics.