About Us

We create software which tracks company activity and behavioural signals that are congruent with patterns of success and failure.

Our team uses advanced statistics and machine learning to build metrics which offer unique insights into businesses and their operations.

Our customers are policy makers, market researchers, sales & marketing teams, asset managers and investors.

Foresight SI goes beyond company financials and balance sheets. It is a source of alternative data which provides an unparalleled view into what companies are doing right now. 

Management team

Dr Alexander Darer, CEO

Alex holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Cyber Security from the University of Oxford. His peer reviewed research has been published in the fields of Internet Censorship and Anomaly Detection. Alex is a CHECK qualified penetration tester and has developed training courses in ethical hacking and secure programming. He has many years experience in team management and has lead numerous projects from concept to prototype to product release. Currently, his other interests lie in financial modelling, data mining & analysis and behavioural psychology.

Alexander Hogan, AI/Statistical learning Lead

He has a BSc in Physics and research interests in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Reasoning, Propaganda and Online Communities. He has almost a decade of experience in managing and contributing to data and software development projects. His recent work has been in creating tools for collective action, the ethics of augmented decision making and modelling online tracking networks. In the COMPROP project at the Oxford Internet Institute Alex has built automated Social Media accounts and contributed to analysing the political economy of the manipulation of Social Media algorithms. He tweets at @AKHogan

Dr Kevin Hogan, Director of Research

Kevin is an Applied Psychologist with a BSc and PhD in psychology. He is a published researcher with significant project management experience. His interests include Organisational Development, HCI and Health Services research. He also has contributed to many data science projects and has a background in statistics and experimental design and a knowledge of the Google Big Query toolset.